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1. What Colour of your window profile you make?
All the REAL wooden colours and customized colour is available.
Please send your colour code for us.

2. What Glazing you offer on you window?
We can offer double or sing glazing as follow:
Glass type: Float glass,tempered glass, Laminated glass, Low-E glass, Coated glass etc
Glass colour: Clear,Blue, Grey, Brown etc.
Insulating Glass Spacer; 6A,9A,12A,15A,16A
Standard Insulating Glass: 5mm+9A/12A+5mm, 6mm+9A/12A+6mm argon gas filled
Standard Laminated Glass:5mm+0.38PVB+5mm, 5mm+0.76PVB+5mm
All our glazing is meet the Australian standard AS2208.

3. What kind of Hardware you offer on you window?
We offer German brand,Chinese top brand and Australian brand hardware.
Our Australian hardware supplier can offer the local after sales service for you.

4. What Standard of your window and door?
Our window and door meet Australian standard AS2047 &CE. American standard KAMBI.

5. What Package you offer on your window and door?
(1) Iron pallet to support goods and Film outside to protect window clear
(2) Airbags are filled into space between each two pallets,to make sure pallet stable on sea
(3) Pallet list on each pallet,Time saving for your side to sort out each window

6. What is Delivery time?
Normal our delivery time is 20-30 day. Please send your detail window schedule for us to confirm the exact delivery time for you.

7. How we can Install the window and door at our building side?
We can offer the detail window and door installation drawing for you.
We also have our professional installation term at Australia can help you if you need.