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New technology of aluminium profile windows and doors

New technology of aluminium profile windows and doors

In building market, aluminium windows and doors can be applied with heat-insulating aluminum alloy profiles, and the inner and outer aluminum alloys and heat-insulating strips are combined by rolling.

Insulating glass is used to improve heat preservation performance and sound insulation effect.

The independent sealing structure is adopted, and the sliding window adopts a double rubber strip and double top strip four sealing structure.

Aluminum profile windows and door use the principle of isobaric pressure, with one hard seal and two soft seals and three seal structures, with excellent air tightness and water tightness.

The use of high-end accessories, beautiful shape, flexible operation, safe and reliable, is conducive to the insulation effect of doors and windows.

The thermal break aluminum has many opening forms, comfortable and durable.

There are flat open type of aluminum window doors, inward tilt type, overhang type, push-pull type, flat open and inward combined compound type, etc., suitable for public buildings, residential quarters and municipal projects.

New technology of aluminium profile windows and doors

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