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Upvc Window Door Glass Casement Doors

Upvc Window Door Glass Casement Doors

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Price factors in glass swing door

Compared with other door and window materials, the thermal insulation effect and noise and noise reduction of plastic steel doors and windows are more than 30% higher.

If you add double-layer insulating glass, the effect will be better.

The superior thermal insulation, sound insulation, aging resistance, erosion resistance and airtightness of plastic-steel doors and windows are not only derived from plastic-steel profiles, but also from the structure, processing technology, hardware accessories, glass, and sealing strips of plastic-steel doors and windows.

Coupled with the different product types in upvc casement door, there is a big difference in price and quality.

1.The main material is a specially formulated rigid PVC profile.

The person in charge of KDSBUILDING upvc window door said: "Although they are all the same PVC, they are different in the manufacturing process such as resins and additives. These are not visible from the outside. Due to their differences, they will directly affect the UV resistance of the profile. , The ability to resist aging, and the strength of the profile. In addition, the structure of the profile will directly affect the price and quality of the door and window. From the cross-sectional structure, it can be seen that the profile is resistant to impact and pressure, and the interior of the door and window should be lined with steel lining To increase strength."

1. The steel lining varies greatly. The higher-grade steel lining uses galvanized steel with a thickness of about 2.5MM.

The plastic windows produced by some small-scale manufacturers only use steel coated with anti-rust paint, and the thickness is relatively thin, about 1.5M.

And at the corner of the window frame, steel lining will be omitted to cut corners. These are not visible in appearance, but affect the use. Professional plastic door don't do that.