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Procurement of UPVC windows: identification of accessories and tightness

When purchasing plastic steel doors and windows, it is necessary to identify accessories and tightness.

1. Different opening methods, different hardware accessories.

Different opening methods also make the sealing of pvc window very different, and their prices are also different.

Generally speaking, if the hardware accessories are selected from imported brands, their prices and quality are relatively high.

Of course, some small manufacturers with slightly worse brands may reduce hardware accessories in order to save costs. If hardware with double-sided locking is applied, it may be changed to a single set of accessories and so on.

In addition, other accessories such as glass, sealant strips, etc. will also affect the quality of plastic steel steal.

The rubber strip is a closed plating of plastic steel stealing insulation and sealing. The products of professional manufacturers have high aging resistance, erosion resistance and strength.

However, some inferior products cannot withstand high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, and are easily discolored and aging.

2. Although the main thing of doors and windows is the airtightness, the place where looseness is more likely to occur is the inclination of the vinyl window, especially the doors.

If the welding is not good, it will crack or break after being subjected to a certain strength and pressure.

Therefore, when purchasing plastic-steel pvc casement window, pay attention to whether the inclination of the doors and windows is manually welded. If it is hand-welded, the insulation and pressure resistance of the doors and windows cannot reach the higher standard.