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what is upvc door and window industry trend

At present, the skill of pvc profile window is gradually becoming mature, and the plastic-aluminum composite doors and windows have also been recognized by consumers.

China's upvc door and window are an emerging industry developed after wood, steel, and aluminum doors and windows. Due to its many advantages such as environmental protection and energy saving, the development is extremely rapid.

But at the same time of rapid development, its impact resistance has gradually attracted the attention of the industry.

As a result, many manufacturers have combined with impact-resistant materials such as aluminum on their original products to develop plastic-steel profile products.

After years of hard work, this technology has entered a mature period, and upvc door and window have also begun to enter the market.

The benefits of plastic-aluminum composite technology are many.

1. Change the surface treatment method of aluminum alloy, coat the exposed surface of aluminum alloy, change the cold feeling of the product, and increase the corrosion resistance of the product.

2. The square tube becomes the mainstream of the internal steel lining, making this type of product more resistant to impact.

3. In the corner combination part of door window plastic inserts, adopt advanced welding technology to better solve the deformation problem at the corner combination.

what is upvc door and window industry trend

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