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Learn upvc window door cleaning method as follows

Rows of houses may have the same building structure. When upvc window and door are used, each house can have a unique style.

In addition to decoration, are pvc door china energy-saving?

1. Good thermal insulation. The heat transfer coefficient of metal is relatively high. To achieve the limit value of the heat transfer coefficient of external windows required by relevant standards, it is necessary to add a broken bridge. This process alone will greatly increase the cost of aluminum doors and windows.

The unique material of plastic doors and windows makes it have excellent thermal insulation. In the case that the heat transfer coefficient of the outer window is limited to 2.0W / ㎡ • K, the price ratio of plastic windows to aluminum windows is 1: 1.8.

2. Plastic doors and windows are combined with heat preservation and decoration. The limit value of heat transfer coefficient of external windows is less than 2.0W / ㎡ • K, which makes people know more about the excellent energy-saving insulation performance of plastic doors and windows.

3. Production process.

It is reported that the energy consumption of producing PVC profiles of the same weight is 1/4 of steel and 1/8 of aluminum.

4. Recycling.

For a long time, people only think that metal doors and windows can be recycled and reused.

As everyone knows, the recycling of plastic doors and windows is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Because they do not need to be smelted, ingots, rolling and other processes like recycling pvc glass door, only the waste materials are crushed, or new materials are extruded, and the recycled materials can be used to make floors, park benches and other products .

Are upvc window and door energy-saving in building?

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