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Plastic Pvc UPVC Sliding Windows

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Plastic Pvc UPVC Sliding Windows

Production quality of UPVC Sliding Windows

Because of high wind pressure resistance, good air and water tightness, small air and rain penetration, low heat transfer coefficient, heat preservation and energy saving, sound insulation and heat insulation, and resistance to aging, upvc sliding windows are quickly seizing a place in steel windows and aluminum alloy windows.

Plastic steel doors and windows are generally manufactured in factories with special cutting and welding equipment for plastic steel doors and windows. They are semi-automated and automated, and the quality can be guaranteed.

1. Pay attention to the assembly quality of pvc window.

The main points are whether the appearance is smooth and non-destructive, whether the welding angle is clean and tidy, whether the sliding window is flexible, whether the casement window can be opened freely, whether the doors and windows are tightly sealed, whether the hardware is equipped with or without steel lining, etc. The color of the plastic profiles on the surface of the doors and windows is bluish white or ivory white, clean, flat, and smooth, with no scratches or bruises on the large surface, and no welding or cracking at the welding joint. There should be a protective film on the surface of high-quality plastic steel doors and windows, and the user should tear off the protective film before use.

2. Glass and hardware of plastic window cannot be ignored.

The glass should be smooth and free of water lines. The glass and the plastic profile are not in direct contact, and there is a sealing bead close to the gap. The hardware is complete, the position is correct, the installation is firm, and the use is flexible.

The hardware of high-end doors and windows are all made of metal, and their inherent strength, appearance, and usability directly affect the performance of doors and windows.

Many low- and medium-grade Plastic Pvc UPVC Sliding Windows use plastic hardware, and their quality and life span have great hidden dangers.