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How to buy doors and windows from accessories
The quality of hardware fittings and rubber strips is also an important factor affecting the service performance of doors and windows. The combination of good hardware accessories and sealant strips will bring high sealing performance, better sound and heat insulation effect and higher safety factor.

KDS doors and windows integrate global high-quality resources. Hardware accessories are imported from Germany, such as hope, G-U, Roto, hautau and other brands. With high structural strength, strong load-bearing and superior mechanical performance, KDS doors and windows meet the European RC2 anti-theft standard. After 100000 cycles of testing, the use is still stable and smooth. The thermal insulation strips are made of technoform, ensinger and other brands imported from Germany, which are recognized as superior quality.

The automobile grade EPDM foam composite adhesive strip has significant advantages in cushioning, anti-collision, sealing, waterproof and sound insulation. At the same time, it overcomes the common technical problems such as warpage and wave of traditional adhesive strips, and can better reflect the texture and beauty of door and window products.

The design of door and window handle conforms to human mechanics, with high transmission performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. All external casement windows are equipped with anti falling ropes to ensure that the window sash will never fall. The handle and lock adopt complex multiple locks, which make the opening and closing smooth, firm, more stable and safe.

KDS doors and windowsKDS doors and windows

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