• Modern Design Customized Aluminium Casement Window
    Modern Design Customized Aluminium Casement Window
    Gustomized thermal break aluminum profile windows double glazed casement aluminum house window
    Product Description Affordable Windows Alloy Window Aluminum Windows Cost Brand Name KDSBUILDING (China) Product Series Aluminum Casement (Swing) Windows Profile Type 6063-T5 Aluminum Profile,Thermal Break & No Thermal Break Profile of international top brand Profile Color Normal Colors:White,Grey,Matt Black,Wood Grain,etc Accessory International qualified hardware of Germany,America,Australia,China Top Brands,etc Grille Grille is made of aluminum or UPVC profile,placed between the panes of the insulating glasses. Screen Fiberglass / Nylon / Stainless steel mesh & Rolling shutter outside are available. Certificate AS2047 & AS/NZS2208 & AS1288,GBT7106 & GBT8478 Function Good Insulation,Watertight,Wind Resistance,Anti-ultraviolet,Anti-thief,Durable,Anti-aging,High Strength Application Application:Commercial buildings and residential buildings including offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, factories, apartments, villas, houses, etc.
  • KDS-W-A-A-021-2
    KDSBuilding Different Windows Colors Thermal Break Transom Laminated Glass Aluminum Awning Roof Window
    Aluminum suspension window is a kind of window made of aluminum alloy, installed on the exterior wall of the building, common in high-rise residential and commercial buildings. It is designed and installed so that the window can be suspended on the exterior wall of the building, forming a suspended window. Second, the advantages of aluminum alloy hanging window 1. High waterproof performance: Aluminum alloy suspension window using high-quality sealing materials, so that it has a good waterproof effect, can effectively prevent rain infiltration. 2. Heat insulation and sound insulation: Aluminum suspension window is composed of a variety of materials, which can isolate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, ensure that the indoor temperature is appropriate, and can also be soundproofed to reduce indoor noise. 3. Beautiful appearance: Aluminum alloy material can be designed into various shapes, very flexible, beautiful appearance, can increase the overall beauty of the building. 4. Low maintenance cost: Aluminum alloy suspension window has high corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost and long life. 5. Safe and reliable: Aluminum alloy suspension window adopts thicker tempered glass, which can resist impact and has high safety.
  •  KDS-W-A-C-017
    Aluminum Swing Narrow Frame Hurricane Impact Fly Mosquito Net Casement 48x48 Windows Double Glaze
    The difference between casement Windows and sliding Windows in appearance mainly lies in the combination with the overall style of the building. Casement Windows can be made into any facade effect of lines because of their greater flexibility in subdivision. For floor-to-ceiling Windows with large subdivision, the opening window only accounts for a small part of the whole window, so it is more suitable for high-end real estate with strict requirements for the overall effect of the building. Especially in line with the architect's pursuit of large division, spacious and bright, transparent effect is good, the appearance of smooth coordination of the building. Because the opening of the window can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, it is difficult to match the fixed glass with a large partition, and it is generally more suitable for the opening of the factory or rural family buildings with more distinct horizontal and vertical lines.
  • KDS-W-A-C-017
    Sound Insulation Retractable Fly Screen Hurricane Impact Aluminum Frame Casement Others Windows
    The casement window is superior to the sliding window in performance, but the sliding window is superior to the casement window in processing and operation. Because of this reason, casement Windows are widely used in urban commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residences, villas and other high-end buildings; The sliding window is widely used in industrial plants, rural houses and other middle and low grade buildings. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows are classified in terms of their opening methods, and the more popular and practical window types on the market are push-pull Windows and casement Windows. Casement window refers to the door and window whose hinge (hinge) is installed on the side of the door and window to open inward or outward; Sliding doors and Windows mainly refer to Windows and doors whose sashes are pushed and pulled vertically in the horizontal direction. Push-pull and flat opening are compared in the case of using the same glass and accessories.
  •  KDS-W-A-C-103
    As2047 Certificate Modern Design Customized Fenetre Aluminum Double Tempered Glass Casement Windows
    The hinges are installed on one side of the window sash and connected to the window frame. According to the outward or inward opening, this type of window is divided into outer casement window and inner casement window. The characteristics of this kind of window are: simple structure, flexible opening, easy to clean, and good sealing performance when closed, and it is the most widely used window type in civil construction. A style of window in a folk house. The opening and closing of the window sash moves along a certain horizontal direction, so it is called "casement window". Flip window and sliding window two kinds. There are multiple single Windows, which turn upward when opened and are fixed by the iron rod support on the window frame; Some also turn down and open to a certain extent to hold the chain on the window frame. Push and pull more than two Windows. When opening and closing, the window sash slides horizontally along the slot of the window frame, or slides up and down. The front window of the houses in the northern Siheyuan is mostly turned over. The center of the window is inlaid with wooden mullion and pasted with white paper. When the window is opened, it turns outward. In the south, it is also common to flip Windows in the attic and ceiling.
  • KDS-W-A-C-010
    Black Color Finish Double Glass Triple Glaze Hurricane Impact Proof Aluminium Casement Window
    First, the ventilation of the aluminum alloy casement window is very good, and the casement window has another way of opening is to pour inside, which can maintain the natural circulation of air and effectively avoid rain entering the room. Second, the operation of aluminum alloy casement window is simple, the indoor and outdoor window sash can be converted at will, and the window is also very convenient when cleaning. Third, the casement window is set around a lot of accessories that can be operated indoors, and the four sides are fixed on the window frame when it is closed, and the security and anti-theft are very good. Fourth, good practicability, the internal window will not occupy indoor space, does not affect the hanging curtain and the installation of lifting clothes hanging rod. Fifth, the sealing insulation is good, there are many locks around the window sash, and then ensure the insulation and sealing effect of the doors and Windows.
  • KDS-W-A-C-010
    Waterproof windows hurricane impact double glass aluminium casement window thermal break insulation window
    Aluminum outward opening casement window with black colour. Customized RAL colour is available With thermal break good insulation. With stainless screen inward opening Double glass good energy saving and  Noise proof Multi-locking point system 
  • KDS-W-A-C-010
    Black Color Finish Double Glass Triple Glaze Hurricane Impact Proof Aluminium Casement Window
    The main body of the heat-insulating aluminum alloy is made of aluminum, and a plastic profile cavity is used as the heat-insulating material in the middle of the profile. This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of plastic and aluminum alloy materials, while meeting various requirements for decorative effect, strength and aging resistance of doors and windows. The thermally insulated broken bridge aluminum-plastic profile can realize the three-way sealing structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, successfully achieve equal pressure balance of air and water, and significantly improve the water and air tightness of doors and windows. The air tightness of insulated aluminum doors and windows is better than that of any aluminum or plastic windows. It can ensure that indoor window sills and floors in areas with strong wind and sand are dust-free; it can ensure that residents 50 meters on both sides of the highway are not disturbed by noise; and the thermal conductivity is better than Non-insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows reduce the cost by 40 to 70%.
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