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Briefly talk about the benefits of double glazing

Why are double glazed windows popular? A very important reason is that it can save energy. Are you still confused and understand the definition of double glazing? So let's take a look at the following points. The cost of installing such windows was initially high. However, this should not be the reason for using double glass. This is because:

1. Traditional windows can't save so much energy. Instead, using double glazed windows will reduce your energy loss.

2. It helps in summer and winter. In summer, it doesn't let heat go into the house. In winter, it can prevent heat loss.

3. If you live in a busy street, double glass windows will prevent noise from entering your house. Therefore, for a quiet home, you can certainly use it.

4. If compared with the traditional window, it has more security.

Scientifically explain the advantages of double window:

1. The gas between the two panes of these windows is argon. It is an effective and better insulator.

2. Argon has higher density, so it has better buffer function than air.

3. UV coating helps to protect and prevent the damage of sunlight. It can also prevent the fading of floors, furniture and carpets.

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