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Factors affecting the sound insulation effect of doors and windows
Sound insulation doors and windows need to be opened, which is lighter and thinner than the wall, and the sealing of opening parts forms an overall sound insulation bottleneck. Ordinary glass and insulating glass have low efficiency of sound insulation due to the penetration of sound waves, the coincidence effect of sound waves and the low resonance of ordinary insulating glass. For the laminated sound insulation window, all factors affecting the sound insulation effect are systematically considered for different noise sources, different profiles and different composite glass are selected, and the needs of different users are fully considered.
1. The stiffness of the profile frame shall be high and the sealing degree shall be good.
2. It is made of double-layer or multi-layer glass, and the glass plate shall be tightly embedded in the elastic pad to prevent the vibration of the damping plate surface.
3. The surrounding frame should be treated with sound absorption.
4. Glass with different thickness shall be selected to stagger the frequency of anastomotic effect and weaken the influence of anastomotic effect.
5. Brand door and window profiles and hardware with high strength shall be selected to make the sound insulation window reach a longer service life.
Installing sound insulation windows can make your existing indoor noise meet or exceed the national * static environmental standards.

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